Celtic Reconfigurations (Live)

Dead Irish Blues

This recording represents Dead Irish Blues performances in which the entire show is dedicated to Celtic material, mostly traditional Irish.

While Dead Irish Blues performs a wide range of traditional music styles, along with originals, many of the performances are mostly or entirely Celtic in nature. This CD features live recordings from various "configurations" of Dead Irish Blues. The duo of Greg (guitar, octave mandolin, vocals) and Marty Faiers (fiddle) were recorded in Jackson, MS at Fenian's Irish Pub in 2008. The quartet of Greg, Marty, Ed Hritz (whistle, electronic bagpipes, concertina, finger cymbals) and Wayne MacEwan (bodhran) were recorded in Johnstown, PA at The Dugout (2007-08), The Johnstown Irish Cultural Celebration (2007) and TnC's Lounge (2017). Finally, the quintet of Greg, Marty, Ed, Wayne, and Jimmy Crosthwait (washboard) were recorded at Huey's Midtown, in Memphis TN (2007). These recordings have never been made available in a digital format. All of these recordings, with the exception of the 2017 TnC's recording, were previously available on "hard copy" CD's sold at DIB performances. They are now all packaged together in this release.

Dead Irish Blues always strives to engage the audience through either the power of the music or through the poignancy or humor of lyrics. The level of engagement is apparent on many of these tracks as the crowds clap along to the music, shout encouragement, respond to lyrics, or just cheer at the end of a song. Dead Irish Blues has been performing for over 20 years now and these recordings are snapshots of a larger picture which continues to evolve.

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